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Welcome to ‘The Spice Angel’ by Sandeep Pandit!

This website is dedicated to Indian Food traditions from all across the country. Here, you will find some familiar dishes and some not so familiar ones, all in Sandeep’s interpretation. We believe that the Indian food is one of the true examples of fusion food in the world and every Indian Kitchen has its own interpretation of Indian food ‘traditions’.

For thousands of years, India has been in the middle of the trading routes, stretching from west to far east. It is this influx of different cultures that has made the Indian cuisine a rich cultural mix of the ancient and the modern.

We believe that every dish is a story. A story of an individual, a story of a kitchen, a story of a culture, a story that describes the land it originated from, and much more. Sandeep Pandit wants you to know his stories, through his food and his recipes. As we grow here at ‘The Spice Angel’, we would love to know your stories as well, through your food and your food experiences.

More About Sandeep

Sandeep's Special Dishes

Like many other Indians, Sandeep's first love is Indian cuisine. Given his family’s cultural background and his own upbringing, here are some of his speciality dishes.

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Sandeep's Homage to Kashmiri Cooking

Kashmiri ‘Waaazwaan’ are famous in the culinary world. ‘Waazwaan’ technically means ‘The Cook(‘s) (Waaza) Shop (Waan)’. ‘Waazwaan’ is a compilation of dozens of Kashmiri dishes that can be served as a feast to guests. Kashmiri cuisine has been around for thousands of years and is shaped in every millennium by different cultures and religions. The Persians, The Chinese, The Mughals, The Afghans, The Punjabis, The Europeans, above all the rest of India, and the wonderful bouquet of spices our country is blessed with.

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