Tandoori Chicken

  1. ½ Cup of the Tandoori Marinade (<Recipe Link>)
  2. 1 Kg Chicken, Cut (120-150 gms pieces each), ‘Scored’ to the bone
  3. 2 Tsp (Teaspoon) Salt
  4. 2 Tsp Crushed Pepper
  5. 2-3 TBSP (Tablespoon) Lemon Juice
  6. ½ Tsp Cumin
  7. 1 Tsp Garam Masala
  8. 2 TBSP Thick Greek Yogurt/ ‘Hung’ Natural Yogurt (also called Curd in India)


  1. Make the Tandoori Marinade as per the Recipe (<LINK>)
  2. Add the salt, pepper, Garam Masala, Lemon juice and cumin to the chicken
  3. Ensure that the seasoning reaches into all the cut slits (‘Scored) all the way to the bone
  4. Keep this seasoned chicken aside for 30 mins
  5. Mix half of the Marinade into the Greek Yogurt and keep aside
  6. Mix the remaining Marinade into the chicken
  7. Now add the Yogurt Marinade into the Marinated Chicken, coat evenly and reach into all the nooks and cuts in the chicken
  8. Marinate the Chicken for at least 2 hours, for the best results, 24 hours
  9. Cook the chicken on a coal BBQ (Medium/Gentle Heat) for 25-30 mins, keep basting with Butter as it cooks OR Cook in a preheated Oven (200 Deg Celsius) for 25-30 mins
  10. ON THE COAL BBQ- Place the chicken in a covered Tray for 15 mins (Indirect Heat) to cook it through, place it back on the coals before serving
  11. IN AN OVEN- Turn around the chicken after 15 mins of cooking, and increase the heat to the maximum (230 Degrees Celsius) for additional 5 minutes to char the chicken
  12. Serve with Pickled Onions (<Link>) and Some Incredible Chutneys (<Link>)
  13. 3-4 Serves

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